Managing imposter syndrome requires a group effort

Sufferers of Imposter Syndrome feel that their accomplishments arise from some stroke of luck rather than because of their competencies and are often struck by fear of ‘being found out’ as not being that competent. But, is Imposter Syndrome really something that only certain individuals suffer from and must handle on their own? Maybe not. Speaking with Ignites Europe, Sunny Lee discussed how she thinks organisations should tackle Imposter Syndrome as a collective.

Driving efficiency gains starts with frontline employee innovation

As companies seek to drive returns and increase efficiency, new technologies are the sought-after fix. While this can be an effective option, it can take years to implement and cost millions of pounds, making it inaccessible for most manufacturers. Speaking with The Manufacturer, Bilal Gokpinar explains how his latest research proves the value of frontline employee innovation to increase efficiency within just months.

EDI initiatives must address identity threats for majority and minority groups

Research shows that a diverse workforce benefits both individuals and organisations and can lead to increased profitability, innovation and reduce societal inequality. However, there are some challenges that must be addressed to successfully foster an inclusive and diverse culture. Speaking with Business Graduate Association, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) experts, Clarissa Cortland and Felix Danbold explain that for EDI policies to be truly effective and embedded in an organisations’ culture, leaders must consider the identity threats concerning both minority and majority groups in the workplace.

How the UCL MBA helped me launch my own business

Speaking with QS TopMBA, UCL MBA student and Founder and CEO of Be-kin design agency Wren Loucks discussed her experience studying the UCL MBA and why she believes its flexible format has been invaluable in her success in building her own business. Be-kin offers designs to support individual’s well-being, drafting projects that are personalised to each client’s specific needs in a holistic way.

Racing towards a sustainable future

Sustainability and motorsport, are not usually two words you would combine, but the race is officially on for a sustainable future of motorsport circuits. Contributing to a new study, Paolo Taticchi has helped produce The Sustainability Circuits Index, a new methodology to rank the sustainability of international motorsport circuits.

Colin Fisher blogs on what is ‘group-think’ and how we can avoid it

Writing for The Conversation, Colin Fisher shares his thoughts on the accusation by former government advisor Dominic Cummings suggesting the UK Government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis was “a classic historic example of group-think”. Cummings said the more people criticised the government’s plan, the more those on the inside said others did not understand. He added that, had the plans been open to scrutiny earlier, “we would have figured out at least six weeks earlier that there was an alternative plan”.

Jim Berry discusses the benefits of an MBA with tech round

Is the expense and time commitment of studying for an MBA really worth it when you are already on a successful career path, have obtained a degree or even a post-graduate degree? Speaking with Tech Round Jim Berry explains the benefits of studying an MBA and why now more than ever businesses need leaders with the varied skillset the MBA brings.  

Recharge, refresh, restart: how to protect yourself from burnout

Dr Alan Parkinson, Deputy Director, Professor, and Head of the Finance, Accounting and Economics Teaching Team, has been talking to Financial Accountant about how to protect yourself from burnout and build mental and physical stamina for the road ahead.

Does the office environment drive a business’s success?

While restrictions ease and the vaccination rollout continues to gain traction, business leaders must now decide whether to return to the office, continue remote working or implement a hybrid model. Writing for Real Leaders, Jim Berry explains why he believes businesses leaders should consider a move back to working in a physical office environment and its proven positive impact on a business’s success.

How developed should a product be before launching a crowdfunding campaign?

A working paper by UCL SoM’s Sidika Tunç Candoğan, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Körpeoğlu and their co-authors from the Rotterdam School of Management and UCLA Anderson School of Management exploring the non-financial benefits of crowdfunding and its ability to facilitate product development examines the level of product development required for a successful crowdfunding campaign, was featured in the Financial Times.