Marketing Science and Strategy

Key information

Teaching department:  UCL School of Management
Credit value: 
Restrictions:  This module is only available to UCL MBA students. You must have first completed ‘The Data Analytics Advantage’ module.
Alternative credit options: 
There are no alternative credit options available for this module.


Marketing is crucial in translating an organisation’s mission and vision – but in an increasingly crowded global landscape, connecting with customers is harder than ever. How can business leaders develop authentic, effective messaging that resonates with target audiences? This module will help you analyse the task of marketing within organisations and apply marketing concepts to a range of real-world situations.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • conduct situational analyses to assess marketing opportunities
  • conduct marketing planning by selecting appropriate strategies for pricing, promotion, place and product
  • collect and analyse data to enhance marketing decisions
  • apply appropriate tools on data to make marketing recommendations
  • critically discuss and debate module topics with leaders from other cultures and industries.

Module deliveries for 2022/23 academic year

Teaching and assessment

Methods of assessment:

  • Class interaction (20%)
  • Classwork: group simulation project (40%)
  • Classwork: individual paper (40%)
Mark scheme:  Letter grades

Other information

Module leader:  Christina Richardson and Debra Eddy

Who to contact for more information: