Managerial Finance

Key information

Teaching department:  UCL School of Management
Credit value: 
Restrictions:  This module is only available to UCL MBA students. You must have first completed the Accounting and Finance for Managers module.


This module builds upon the Accounting and Finance for Managers core module, and adopts a strategic and practical perspective on corporate finance. You will assume the role of finance manager and apply your understanding in decision-making contexts.

You will explore critical corporate finance functions, including managing working capital, analysing debt and equity finance, investment appraisal, optimal capital structure, dividend policy, and mergers and acquisitions. This module will also introduce topical issues in finance such as the role of technology (“fintech”) in the future of global finance.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • understand corporate governance and capital markets contexts for financial decision-making
  • understand how to ensure that a company has sufficient cash to operate
  • understand the difference between debt and equity finance
  • apply a range of techniques to appraise investment opportunities
  • calculate a company’s cost of capital
  • calculate the company’s optimal capital structure that maximises shareholder value
  • develop a dividend policy to return capital to shareholders
  • understand the concepts of mergers and acquisitions
  • be aware of new trends that are changing finance, including financial technology
  • discuss and debate module topics with leaders from other cultures and industries.

Module deliveries for 2022/23 academic year

Teaching and assessment

Methods of assessment:

  • Class Interaction: 30%
  • Individual Paper, 500 words: 10%
  • Group Case Study Report, 2000 words: 30%
  • Final test, 2 hours: 30%
Mark scheme:  Letter grades

Other information

Module leader:  Michael Manlangit

Who to contact for more information: