The Data Analytics Advantage

Key information

Teaching department:  UCL School of Management
Credit value: 
Restrictions:  This module is only available to UCL MBA students.
Alternative credit options: 
There are no alternative credit options available for this module.


Managers and leaders need to make business decisions grounded in data, but few know what kinds of data should be collected, utilised and analysed, or how that data can be used to best support sound, qualified decision-making. In this module, you will develop your understanding of data analytics and application use in practical decision-making.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • the foundations of probability and statistical inference
  • hypothesis testing and regression
  • how data can be used to describe or summarise a context, and know how to avoid using data to mislead
  • the principles of running experiments
  • the limitations of different data analytics approaches
  • how to think counterfactually
  • the kinds of questions that can be answered using data
  • the considerations surrounding building data-centric organisations, i.e. those that are set up to use data across firm processes.

Module deliveries for 2022/23 academic year

Teaching and assessment

Methods of assessment:

  • Class interaction (30%)
  • Classwork: group project (30%)
  • Individual classwork: written assignments (30%)
  • Individual classwork: quizzes (10%)
Mark scheme:  Letter grades

Other information

Module leader:  Anil Doshi

Who to contact for more information: