Business Economics

Key information

Teaching department:  UCL School of Management
Credit value: 
Restrictions:  This module is only available to UCL MBA students. You must have first completed ‘The Data Analytics Advantage’ module.
Alternative credit options: 
There are no alternative credit options available for this module.


You will develop an understanding of the economic principles that govern business operations. This module will explore important questions: How do our current theories fare if we challenge the fundamental end goal of maximising shareholder value? What might the economic imperatives be now and for the future if we challenge this assumption?

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • understand the concept of demand and supply
  • shift the demand and supply curves following changes in determinants and analyse implications for prices and quantities
  • categorise the different kinds of costs that form the basis of supply decisions
  • understand pricing in competitive markets
  • understand pricing and quantity determination in monopolistic industries
  • use game theory tools to understand oligopoly pricing and firm behaviour
  • understand the key drivers of macroeconomic forces
  • understand the channels by which macroeconomic developments can translate into risk and opportunities for businesses
  • use macroeconomic models to assess the long-term growth potential of countries.

Module deliveries for 2022/23 academic year

Teaching and assessment

Methods of assessment:

  • Class interaction (40%)
  • Assignment 1: individual assignment (30%)
  • Assignment 2: group assignment (30%)
Mark scheme:  Letter grades

Other information

Module leader:  Frederic Malherbe and Sergio Vicente

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