Lynsie Chew

Lynsie Chew

Faculty in Finance, Accounting, and Economics

Professor Chew has been at the forefront of some of UCL’s most exciting and groundbreaking activities.

Recently, she helped UCL collaborate with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the University of London to create an integrated, online programme in which students can simultaneously complete their Master’s and their ACCA professional qualification.

Among students, Professor Chew is known for her engaging module delivery, using humor, teaching expertise and practical experience to demystify complex financial topics.

She has lectured and organised courses in a range of areas – including management accounting, financial accounting and business management – at institutions such as the University of London.

Professor Chew took a Master’s degree and an undergraduate degree from the University of London, where she specialised in Accounting, Financial Management and International Financial Systems. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education with a focus on Learning Technologies.