Blaine Landis

Blaine Landis

Faculty in Organisations and Innovation

Dr. Landis teaches Leading Organisations – one of the UCL MBA core modules – as well as a variety of other undergraduate and postgraduate modules on organisational behaviour. Previously, he taught at the University of Cambridge, where he also studied his PhD in Organisational Behaviour.

His research explores social networks in organisations, including the ways networks change over time and the role of perception in work relationships.

His published works have identified personality characteristics associated with advantageous network positions in the workplace as well as the network positions related to job performance and career success.

He has also explored the role of personality differences in an economic context; specifically, how individuals change their spending patterns in response to low income.

His ongoing work focuses on how networks change over time, how people misperceive their relationships to others at work and the consequences of misperceived relationships.

Dr. Landis holds a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from the University of Cambridge.

His work has appeared in a variety of major publications, including:

  • Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Organization Science
  • Psychological Science
  • Academy of Management Annals
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior.