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The UCL MBA Programme Explained

How the UCL MBA Shapes Tech-Savvy Business Leaders

Today’s business leaders need more than traditional qualitative and quantitative skills. The UCL MBA, global and online, focuses on what is important to employers and organisations now: analytics, innovation, technology and entrepreneurial thinking.

Build Your Global Network With the UCL MBA

As global markets become more competitive, your relationships matter more than ever. That is why networking and engagement are core components of the UCL MBA online experience. Learn how we help you cultivate lasting connections with academics, colleagues and stakeholders around the world.

Meet the Academics Behind the UCL MBA

UCL MBA academics bring a wealth of expertise – from conducting disruptive research to leading innovation in their respective fields – to the programme. They also share a common goal: educating and supporting the next generation of business leaders.

Find Your Competitive Edge at UCL

When you pursue your MBA online through UCL, you become part of a global community of leaders. Director of the UCL MBA, James Berry, explains how UCL can help you accelerate your career and stand out in a competitive business landscape.

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Global Flexibility

Experienced Faculty


What is the Average Class Size?

The UCL MBA programme is purpose-built to maximise face-to-face interactions between academics and students. Explore how our small modules lead to big conversations.

What is the Financial Cost of the Programme?

The UCL MBA is an innovative online programme that allows you to continue working and progressing in your career. It’s an investment in you – and your future.

How Much time Should I Commit, Weekly?

Earning your MBA online from UCL requires a considerable time commitment – but because of our innovative programme model, you’ll be able to complete much of your learning on your own time.

Do I Have To Attend Live Classes, and Why?

Your live seminars are an integral part of the UCL MBA programme. This is where you’ll exchange real-world perspectives with your peers and academics, engage in stimulating conversations about asynchronous coursework and build connections in an intimate digital classroom.

How is the Programme Structured?

The UCL MBA programme will provide you with a robust foundation in business principles, while still allowing you to customise your learning through electives and a final capstone project.

How is the Programme Different From Other Online MBAs?

The UCL MBA is a modern MBA programme for a modern business world. We bring together people and perspectives from around the world so you can learn from one another – and apply that new knowledge right away.