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About us

The UCL MBA admissions team is ready to answer your programme questions, coach you through the application process and support you every step of the way.

The majority of students in the programme opted into both phone and email communications during their application process. Your admissions advisor can help you: 

determine how an MBA may support your career goals

understand and navigate entry requirements

plan ahead for submitting application materials, like letters of reference and your personal statement

prepare for your admissions interview

explore financing options, like scholarships and pay-as-you-go tuition fees

In order to chat to us about the UCL MBA, you must make sure to opt into phone and/or email communications.

Who we are

Our team is uniquely equipped and eager to help you through the UCL MBA application process.

Ashley Young

Ashley Young, Admissions Director

Ashley has been with the programme since its inception. With nearly 10 years of admissions expertise, he brings a robust understanding of the programme and the MBA journey overall – a dedication to the admissions experience he has instilled within his team. In addition to supporting prospective students, he also conducts admissions interviews in the final stage of the application process.

“In a world filled with uncertainty, it’s important to give our prospective students the guidance and resources they need to make the decisions that will shape their future. Helping others move closer to realising their goals makes this job fun.”

Lauren Mc Glenatendolf

Lauren Mc Glenatendolf, Senior Admissions Advisor

“It’s great listening to prospective students speak about their passions and assisting them in crafting a plan to take on new challenges in order to realise their dreams.”

Henri Shomper, Admissions Advisor

“Being an admissions advisor for the UCL MBA programme means being a frontline ambassador for further education, as well as protecting and driving the aspirations of our future leaders. It serves as a daily reminder that one can never stop seeking more knowledge and one can never stop learning.”

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We strongly recommend opting into both phone and email communications with our admissions team to gain full programme knowledge and benefit from a smooth application process.

To begin receiving these communications, please request information and select your communication preferences. If you opt into phone and/or email communication, your dedicated advisor will provide more information via the channel(s) you specified.

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